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Hey! I'm here via Erin's Play in the City blog. I'm looking forward to reading about the culinary attractions in Milwaukee. I'm originally from Southeastern WI, so I know Milwaukee pretty well. But I haven't done a lot of dining there, and I'm living in the Twin Cities now, so it'll be fun dining out vicariously through you!

And believe me, the fish fries in Milwaukee are just the best. Living in MN, you'd think that I could find a great fish fry. But nothing is better than a good old fashioned WI fish fry. I crave them every Friday.

Good luck with your blog!


Thanks Amanda! I agree the fish fry is definately a must. Please send me your fave places for them and I'll add them to my "to-try" list!

Also - I know you must miss WI, but lucky you to be in the Twin Cities! (IKEA store access - need I say more?!)My husband is from that area and we love to visit whenever we can.

Sue Bellin

I was watching your interview on the news show on Wednseday while exercising at the Y and you had your recipe for Chocolate Chili. I wasn't able to copy it and was wondering if you could e-mail it to me.

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