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I too liked Balzac, but also like you find Swig to be more evenly paced and comfortable. I just get the feeling that Balzac tries too hard. Sort of, "see how cool and hip we all are". Not sure if you picked up on that vibe, but it turns me off.


We tried Balzac a couple weeks ago and we liked it too. Sat at the bar and the lighting was dim there as well but it didn't bother me.
We had the prelude: smoked pit ham wrapped manchego cheese (YUM YUM YUM), sauteed shrooms (okay), marinated artichokes (tasty) and some baguette w/herb butter (I'm always a sucker for good bread/butter). We also tried the firecracker shrimp - we were disappointed by it but we thought the accompanying sauce was good. My DH selected some wine tastings for us and his picks went nicely with the food.
All in all, I liked Balzac and I think we'll be back.
BTW, love your blog - keep up the good work!


So, Balzac is the place to go for some wine, mariscos, and cheese in between old episodes of Miami Vice. What would you recommend for a Magnum P.I. sort of day in Milwaukee?

Love your blog! Keep up the good work.

Your friend and old Dallas neighbor,



Hey Matt! Thanks for the compliments -- that means alot coming from a fellow writer.

Not sure where to head after a Magnum marathon but the search is on for some place you can wear Hawaiian shirts, sip good Scotch and get a doggie treat for the rottweilers all at once!

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