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1932 E Kenilworth Pl
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Milwaukee's own FEVER MARLENE is releasing a CD titled "Civil War." It's sure to be an outstanding performance and should not be missed.

YIELD is a ticket outlet for the show. We are also giving away FREE TICKETS the night of the show. PLUS...We are providing FREE RIDES to and from the show (at Turner Hall).

The show starts at 9pm. Pre and Post parties at YIELD.

PS - you must try our menu. it will redefine your notion of "bar food."


Jim: Thanks for the comment. Ooops, I mean blatant plug for your bar.

Couldn't you have at least made some sort of tie in to the entry??!! ;-)


I was also blatantly plugging a great local musical act. Doesn't that count for anything?

I enjoy your blog, and I hope you venture out to Yield someday.

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