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My husband and I went to Firefly last Saturday. LOVED IT. I had the pizza and two Firefly mojitos. Excellent food, great atmosphere.

I've never been to Bjonda, but I'm loving Firefly. I'll be back!



Must See! The Sunday brunch is also a treat! Go Chef W


I loved the fondue and pomegranite martinis that bjonda had, so i went to try firefly out on two diffent occasions, and sorry to say I will never go back.
The food and the beverages were exceptional, but the service was poor. There were two servers, sending each other back and forth from our 4 top, several times, obviously fighting over who would take our table, and who was cut for the night and could go home. I have worked in the industry for a long time, and its wasn't hard to pick up at all. We finally ordered drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and it took over an hour to get garlic fries, 3 fondue's and a caesar salad. We sat with anticipation, never were asked to order entrees-after we asked to keep the menus so we could do so, he took them later without one word. He didn't check back on us once, until the manager came by, and we told him what was us up. After that the server was on us, but it was too late. THe manager offered to buy us a 6th appetizer, but we passed, and the server asked as well, but we were done.
After all that, and offering to buy us something, they didn't say a word or take anything off the bill. I wasn't looking for a freebie-but just an ounce of admission on their part to redeem themselves.

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