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I've turned down those cookies before on Midwest flights and I get the craziest looks from the flight attendants. It's almost shock. I can hear them whispering in the back of the plane, "We've got a problem in 14a."


Hmmm... That definitely sounds like suspicious behavior to me!


Hi Audra! I've actually had a different problem than Jon. I seem to be only on early morning flights on Midwest and therefore, never get the cookies. So when an e-mail campaign was started under the banner "Save the Cookies," I'd e-mail back: "What cookies?! I never get cookies!"

But I guess now I can get them whenever I want. I can't imagine that they'll be as good as when you're cooped up on an airplane.

Hope all is well!


It's true. The cookies usually aren't served on the early morning flights. Chocoholics take note and either BYOC (bring your own cookie) or book a later fight!


I've experienced their cookies too. Didn't know you could get them at Sendik's though.

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