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You know, more than 300 milligrams of caffeine a day can be harmful for an unborn baby. I think most people, if they were in the same situation as this server, would ask if you'd like decaf as well. I've been to both Watts and Brew City Tea, and they are both excellent establishments, although they cater to different crowds. I'm all for voicing my distaste of service, whether it be a plumber, lumberjack, or lion tamer, but this seems like you're taking offense to something that most people would simply brush off.


Urgh. The only harm they've found is early in pregnancy, when caffeine has been shown to sometimes be implicated in miscarriage. I'm no doctor, but I do have two wonderful, healthy, bright kids, both of whom were treated to caffeine, and even the occasional latte, while in utero. Moderation is key, like with most other things. And guess what? You can have a glass of wine, too! (Quick, someone, call social services!) Ay yay yay. If a pregnant woman wants decaf, she will most likely request it. Enjoy your tea. Or coffee, even.


I am currently 4 months pregnant with my second child and while I agree with being able to choose whether I want caffeine or no caffeine I think your article is ridiculous and just a way for you to complain. I had a completely different experience at Brew City Tea. Not only did the person behind the counter introduce me to a new tea that was caffeine free, but I found in her explination that the tea that was suggested to me had many benefits to me being pregnant and by picking a decaffeinated tea it not only broadened your knowledge base of tea but actually enhanced my taste experience. I would also like to add that your article really didn't make much sense...you start off by bashing Brew City Tea and end with the menu at Watt's...did you even go to Watt's or were you just in a "pregnant mood" and needed to let off some steam...no pun intended.


Obviously everyone has differing opinions on the caffeine issue when it comes to pregnancy. That's their prerogative. My doctor told me that based on my health and other factors, it was fine for me to have a small amount, so I feel fine about having some now and then.

As for the service I rec'd at Brew City, in all honesty, it simply wasn't friendly or welcoming at all and I'm not going to try and gloss it over. I think customers deserve warm, hospitable service and feel very strongly that establishments should strive to provide that. I'm glad other people have had a better experience and are willing to share that so readers can get a broader view.


It has been a small bit over a year since she my mom started her tiny shop in the Third Ward. She founded the tea shop on the principles of her passion for the tea industry and her eagerness to get to know her customers.

She cares greatly for all of her customers, and if any way you felt you had been "shafted" of her kindness and generosity then I invite you back. Try Brew City Tea again, perhaps it was a miscommunication, something that was skewed in a way that was not intended yet taken. It's in your hands to take me up on this... I'll even spot your pot of regular, decaf, or herbal tea.

She's a pretty awesome lady, and a marvel that she is doing this on her own. It's a shame you didn't see it the way that hundreds of others have.


The Brew City Tea establishment and ownership (Jean) represents an honest knowledge, passion, care, and a true love for the goodness that the beverage brings to those who consume it. I came into the business by recommendation, and when visiting clients in and around the area...always make a point to stop in for a visit, kind word, and a nice cup of tea or bite to eat.

I always try to find the good in everything/everyone I come across daily in life...it becomes much more enjoyable and it is my belief that all will prosper from being around me. I encourage by use of positive comments in situations...so please give Jean another chance to make it right, she will not let you down. Tell her Manny sent you...

Much luck & best wishes with the upcoming birth of your baby.

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